Way back around the turn of the 21st century Linda and Al Mathison of rural Preston, had a dream.  That dream was to bring fitness centers to the small towns of Fillmore County, Minnesota.   They opened their first center at 109 N. Broadway  in Spring Valley in 2002.   For the first year they ran a women's only facility but soon realized that men wanted to exercise too.   They expanded to the upstairs and started adding equipment whenever they could, including cardio machines, weight machines and free weights.

By 2003 they opened a fitness center in Preston, the county seat of Fillmore County.    Their facility was small but they had a loyal following and when a larger building opened up downtown, they moved in and were able to expand their equipment line.

Finally, in 2015 they opened a third facility, this one in Harmony.   The three fitness centers have become an integral part of the community.   The 24 hour access allows members to exercise during their free time, whenever that might be --  early in the morning or late at night.

In Spring Valley, a third level was recently added in the basement called The Pit.   This is for the more serious minded body builder types and with more than 20 pieces of equipment, including plated weight machines, Fit Express continues to have something for everyone.